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Wendy Read

My name is Wendy Read and I am a holistic healer from Northern California. My philosophy focuses on treating individuals, not diseases. I work with people to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am an herbalist, medicine maker, cannabis therapy expert, nutritionist, bodyworker, and spiritual counselor. I have practiced and taught about many aspects of holistic health including herbal healing, nutrition, energy skills, spiritual counseling and multiple modalities of massage therapy. As a minister, I founded the Caretaker’s Garden healing sanctuary and apothecary in 2006. Through a desire to spread knowledge about natural healing, I founded the California Healing Institute in 2013. I am a burner and live my life according to the Burning Man principles which include radical self-reliance, gifting, and leave no trace.

I have lived in the mountains in the heart of the Emerald Triangle for over twenty years and become a practical expert on the medicinal uses of marijuana for the mind, body and spirit: the emerald trinity.

Karen Robinson

“Educate before you medicate.”
Willits, Ca
Text: (305) 923-3381

  • Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant/Educator
  • Licensed Cannabis Cultivator, Medicinal Formulator, Manufacturer
  • Herbalist, Holistic Health Researcher and Advocate Resource of Alternative, Holistic and Cannabis experienced Physicians
  • Supporting member of The American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA)
I teach Cannabis medicine making techniques through the California Healing Institute and directly to clients. I also coach clients on Alternate health options and stay abreast of Cannabis scientific literature. I help clients resource physicians throughout the nation, that are knowledgeable and experienced in Cannabis medicine, to treat both human and animal. I prepare, create, research and teach various options for health, beauty, nutrition and vitality. My goal is to become a resource for those seeking Integrative Treatment and Holistic Living.

Karin C. Uphoff

Karin C. Uphoff, is a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Bodyworker and author of Botanical Body Care: Herbs and Natural Healing for Your Whole body, a book that combines basic physiology with herbal healing, cleansing and nutrition. As a founding member of the Mendocino County Herb Guild and co-host of radio show Holistic Health Perspectives on kzyx.org, she is passionate about empowering others through partnership with the natural world.

In the past 25 years, Karin has practiced and taught about many aspects of holistic health including herbal healing and nutrition, yoga, Reikii, energy healing, plant spirit medicine and flower remedies.  She is a member of Corners of the Mouth, worker-owned collective health food store in Mendocino California, where she serves as a nutritional consultant.  Her professional affiliations include the American Herbalist Association, the American Herbalist Guild, United Plant Savers, and the American Botanical Council. Learn more about Karin at: www.karinuphoff.com.

Pearl Moon

Organic Farmer and Medicine Maker

Garberville, California
Text: (707) 599-1742

Pearl’s cannabis history started in 1985, the dark ages of Cannabis, and has led a long and colorful journey into the light. Seeking freedom, she was forced to the Emerald Triangle in 1990 where she found kindred spirits with the Cannabis Community of the California cannabis movement. She has been teaching medicine making at the California Healing Institute since 2016. She is currently available for consultations

  • Founder of the Humbolt Cannabis College
  • Co-proprietor of the Bud Sisters Organic Topicals
  • Creator of the Cannabis Calendar
  • Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant
  • Certified Cannabis Cultivation Consultant
  • Judge at the Emerald Cup since 2011
  • Judge at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2000
  • Judge at the Golden Tarp Awards since 2017
  • Judge at the First Annual Jefferson Cup in 2018

Joyce Michelina Centofanti, PhD

PO Box 402
Seal Rock, Oregon 97376
(505) 795-0130

Throughout Dr. Joyce’s distinguished art and art education career she has been honored many times for her excellence in education. In the early days of her career working with diverse learners and students with special needs. Joyce earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 1980, and her first Masters in Fine Arts in 1984. In the early years of her teaching career Joyce took advantage of training offered by Very Special Arts, an organization that trains teachers to work with people with special needs. With 18 years’ experience in the schools of New Mexico and the Great Navajo Nation, Joyce returned to school for her second Masters Degree in Arts and Special Education while working full time. Followed swiftly by a PhD program in Art education/Special education. Between 2003 and 2010 she became a Tenured Associate Professor of Art. Joyce received recognition for her excellence in education when she received the Professional Achievement Award from Mount St. Mary’s College, the Higher Education Art Educator of the year from the Colorado chapter of the National Arts Education Association and also the National Higher Education Art Educator of the year. She also earned the 2005-06 Adams State College Faculty Award: Excellence in Student Engagement. During all her years as an art educator, Joyce was taking every opportunity to come to the Emerald Triangle and play in the cannabis culture with her life-long friend Pearl Moon, where she gained hands-on experience in cannabis cultivation, harvesting, and processing learning form the best. During her time assisting Pearl at the Humboldt Cannabis College, after filming Wendy Read’s Making Medicine with Marijuana, together Pearl and Joyce founded The Bud Sisters Organic Tropicals company, and her official retirement from art education began. Joyce continued to study with Wendy Read at the California Healing Institute and in 2015 she became a certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant.
*Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant (2015-present)
*Dr. Joyce has been a Judge at the – Jefferson Cup, Battle of the Boarders 2018, The Golden Tarp Awards, The Emerald Cup (9 years) and The High Times Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam (1997-2000)
*Permitted as a Recreational Marijuana Worker from the State of Oregon.
* Dr. Joyce has consulted at Wonderland Nursery, Garberville, California.
*Currently available for consultations.
* Dr. Joyce enjoys bringing her cannabis consulting and education skills to students at the California Healing Institute, children, the arts community and the elderly.
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