Educating A New Generation In The Science Of Natural Healing

Our Mission

Educating a new generation of healers in the science of natural healing is part of our mission. Those who love science and who recognize there is more to medicine than pharmaceutical drugs and surgery fit right in. Those who come with no science background find themselves gaining one because we present our science curriculum in a unique and very experiential fashion. We want to provide everyone – from community leaders to teenagers to new mothers – with the skills, experience and confidence needed to be a healer – to heal themselves, their families and their communities.

At CHI we are doing cutting-edge research into modern medicine making methods, and ancient cultivation practices. Through our advanced medicine making research groups, we provide space, equipment and mentoring for those who wish to become premier medicine makers. Another part of our mission is to spread the word that we can grow our own medicine! We offer season-long cultivation apprenticeships for those who wish to grow organic, outdoor, sustainable medicine. Students gain experience in everything from saving seeds, analyzing and building soil, cultivating indigenous microorganisms, choosing garden locations, planting, fertilizing, natural pest control, pruning, harvesting and curing. 

Another part of our mission is to mentor those called into clinical practice of the healing arts. We need a clinical healer in every community – one educated and experienced in using the natural forces and plants around them to bring us back into balance. CHI provides unique, personal apprenticeship opportunities for those who wish to become holistic healers.

Are you already an herbalist or healer? Are you ready to help spread the word by working at a dispensary or teaching classes in your community? In addition to our collaborative classes, we offer a personal teacher training program, where students practice sharing information with others in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

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